Advertising on Martial Arts TV

We believe our story is a compelling one. We have a great audience, a great brand and a great future. We would like you and your organisation to be part of and share in our success.

Feel free to contact us. Let us show you how intelligently, passionately and hard we can work for you. We are focussed on cost effective media campaigns that give you the best return on your marketing investment, and we will strive to understand and serve your organisations interests.

Sponsorship on Martial Arts TV

If you would like to communicate with a media savvy, health & lifestyle conscious, passionate martial arts audience then you should get in contact.

We have a range of zone, show, product placement and event sponsorship opportunities available now and we can also plan activities to fit your needs precisely.

Alliances with Martial Arts TV

We are particularly interested in speaking with publishing, production, distribution, exhibition, and consumer technology companies who can help us in our mission to bring the strength and beauty of martial arts to the world.

We are open to martial arts and non martial arts businesses, as long as there is a clear strategic fit. We welcome well presented, well thought through, ambitious and practical proposals.


We are always looking for ways to reach martial artists. If you are interested in securing Martial Arts TV support, let us know. We might be able to help bring in some of our contacts, skills and resources to help you and your organization enhance your activities.


Good ideas can come from anywhere. We want to make Martial Arts TV the world's best martial arts business giving you, the martial arts fan, what you deserve – a world class service. If you have ideas, feedback, input let us know. We will do our best to work for you to bring the best ideas to life.