Our mission to bring the strength & beauty of martial arts to the world.

  1. To provide entertainment, inspiration and education through martial arts.
  2. To enhance the quality of life of people on earth by encouraging the world to adopt a more holistic and healthy approach to living.
  3. To unify martial artists the world over under one roof to share their knowledge and love for martial arts in an environment of mutual respect.
  4. To respect the beauty, strength and values of martial arts.
  5. To raise the profile of martial arts the world over.
  6. To grow Martial Arts Networks Ltd into the world's most powerful and successful sports and entertainment business of the 21st Century.
  7. To outperform, to outlast and to outclass any and all competition.
  8. To pioneer media technology to better serve our customers.
  9. To make Martial Arts TV a fun, challenging and rewarding place to work.
  10. To continually deliver outstanding financial performance for shareholders.