The sporting world of martial arts is massively diverse. We aim to bring you the best martial arts sports action, covering all styles, from around the world. So, whether you are into Judo, Karate, Cagefighting, Thai Boxing or Tae Kwon Do - we will get sporting coverage of what you love.

Over time, we will cover the full A-Z of martial arts styles, so rest assured, we are on the case to represent your style. We are also keeping an eye out for rising sporting stars, as well as the established kings of the mat.

In addition, we will bring you special tutorial videos showing you a world of martial arts instruction from various experts, in different styles, from around the world. So whether you want to learn self defence, master your techniques, or find out about something completely new, this is the place to check it out.


We love martial arts movies. Whether it be the best the Western movies, classic Asian films or modern martial arts cinema from around the world, we are dedicated to continually being at the forefront of promoting and bringing the best martial arts movies to our audience.

So rest assured, if you want to see your favourite stars, big blockbusters, old classic kung fu flicks, or even movies you haven’t heard of before, we will have them on Martial Arts TV as we grow.


We recognise that martial arts is more than a sport, more than just a form of media entertainment. To many it is a way of life encompassing physical, mental and spiritual development. We see martial arts as being a key part of living a full and complete life. We are here to serve, and we will bring you instructional videos on Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, diets, body conditioning, training habits, meditation and philosophy to help you bring your life into harmony and find inner balance.


Martial Arts can be fun, quirky, cool, interesting, strange and amazing. So whether you want to check out Manga, Western Cartoons, TV dramas or something exotic, this is where we show you the bold and beautiful.